Pilot or Scale your
Fair Chance Hiring Program

Fully vetted & qualified candidates for more inclusive hiring, anywhere in the U.S.

Josh PritchettFounder & CEO, Veo Careers

"80 million Americans

have an arrest or conviction record, so it's not possible to have inclusive hiring without a Fair Chance component."

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Avoid the pitfalls of a poorly executed Fair Chance strategy

RedX.svgNo reliable vetting process
RedX.svgNot enough qualified candidates
RedX.svgNot scalable across multiple locations or roles

Don't do it alone….Get a trusted partner

We provide the skills and the scale

Source up to 105,000 candidates annually

Fill up to 1,500 positions across all 50 states

Fully vet candidates in as little as 72 hours

A few industries we serve

Manufacturing & Logistics

- Machine Operators
- Material Handlers
- Warehouse Pickers
- Truck & Forklift Drivers

University & Municipal

- HVAC Techs, Electricians, & Plumbers
- Maintenance Supervisors
- Transportation & Bus Drivers

Clean Energy & Solar

- Project Managers
- Installers & Technicians
- Quality Control Inspectors
- Estimators & Consultants

Sales & Customer Support

- SDRs, BDRs, & AEs
- Territory Managers
- Customer Service Reps
- Help Desk Technicians


- Junior & Senior Developers
- Data Analysts & Scientists
- Product Managers
- Cybersecurity Specialists

"There's this misconception that we’re only suited for entry-level work,

but many of us have had professional careers, and sometimes we hold multiple licenses or degrees."

Level up your team with Fair Chance hiring

check.svgLower Your Turnover
check.svgIncrease Productivity
check.svgReduce Hiring Costs

Need some proof?


of workers said they prefer to work for a company with Fair Chance hiring.

of managers report the value Fair Chance hires bring is as high or higher.
4 out of 5

HR professionals believe the quality of Fair Chance hires is the same or better.

Promoted Faster

Fair Chance hires are often promoted more quickly and to higher levels.

We're with you at every step

Our Process


Our Competitive Edge

"...as a tech company, we can move faster than most teams even think is possible."
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Josh PritchettFounder @ Veo Careers


How companies use Veo Careers



Launch a Test Pilot


Scale Existing Fair Chance Hiring


Fulfill Hiring Targets and Commitments


Introduce Fair Chance Hiring to Partners
“I was told that because of my background, I’d be lucky to land a job at all. Thanks to Veo and the partners who believe in Second Chances, I have a real opportunity to rebuild a career.”
Kyle -Fair Chance Candidate

A little about us

We believe...

...in leading by example.

That's why everyone at Veo Careers is a Fair Chance hire.

...in taking extreme ownership.

If there's a problem, we assume it's ours to fix.

...in helping others the way we wish someone could have helped us.

...that we must earn your business.

No handouts.

...that if employers find great Fair Chance hires, they'll continue to hire more.

So, we find the best.

...that everyone deserves a Fair Chance.

Let's make Fair Chance hiring a

Force Multiplier

for your business

Plus, 100% of all hires are backed by our Quality, Retention, and Support guarantees.

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